PHP Laravel Framework

About Course

PHP, as a scripting language has been very popular due to its simplicity, speed and scalability. There are a number of PHP frameworks that help make this language easier to adopt and among the most popular of these is Laravel- widely adopted due to its simple and elegant syntax that eases the development process and simplifies routing, authentication, caching through built in templates, libraries and MVC architecture.

Understand framework advanced concepts – controllers, routing, responses and Filters. Build highly responsive websites with appropriate forms and authentications. Our Laravel trainers will guide students in implementing the technology for future projects

What you will learn:

  • The Laravel framework and its installation and environment
  • How to create Forms, gather user inputs and validate them
  • How to create a database and use appropriate SQL statements to create tables and store data
  • To use jQuery and Ajax
  • Perform appropriate authentication by effectively using encryption/decryption
  • How to deploy third party service into the application

What Will You Learn?

  • The basics of the Laravel framework: You will learn how to install and set up Laravel, as well as the basic concepts and conventions used in the framework.
  • Routing and controllers: You will learn how to define routes and create controllers to handle requests in your application.
  • Views and templates: You will learn how to create views and templates to generate the HTML that is sent to the browser.
  • Models and databases: You will learn how to define and work with models to interact with databases, and how to use Eloquent, Laravel's ORM(Object-relational mapping) to interact with the database.
  • Migrations: You will learn how to use migrations to manage and modify the structure of the database, and how to use seeders to populate the database with test data.
  • Forms and validation: You will learn how to create forms and handle form submissions, as well as how to validate data before it is saved to the database.
  • Authentication and authorization: You will learn how to implement authentication and authorization in your application, and how to use Laravel's built-in tools to make it easier.
  • API development: You will learn how to create and consume APIs in Laravel, and how to use Laravel's built-in tools to make API development faster and easier.

Course Content


  • Container
  • Facades
  • Flexibility
  • Robustness

Setup and installation

Basic routing




Blade templates

Advanced routing

URL generation

Request data




Schema builder


Eloquent ORM

Eloquent query

Eloquent relationships

Capstone project